How Do You Teach a Dog to Roll Over and Other Cool Dog Tricks?

How Do You Teach a Dog to Roll Over?

Teaching a dog to roll over is both adorable and a great way to bond with your pet.

Dogs aim to please. Teaching them a trick stimulates their brain and helps them to learn your cues and signals.

With regular training, not only can you teach a dog to roll over, you can teach your pet to do other tricks.

Teaching tricks and commands will also help with overall obedience. Your pet can become better behaved and have an outlet for their energy. It’s a learning experience that benefits both you and your dog.

Take a moment to learn how to teach a dog to roll over and other cool tricks.

How to Train a Puppy to Roll Over

So, how do you teach a dog to roll over? With repetition and practice.

Your dog will most rapidly learn to roll over on command if the dog's trainer uses the “down” command. Your pet needs to know “down” before you get started. It’s the first part of the trick.

If you haven’t mastered the basic dog commands, then check out this short video:

Once your dog knows the basic commands, there are a few other tricks you can teach – starting with the rollover command.

It’s best to practice this trick in an area without a lot of distractions. A fenced in backyard or your living room will work.

First, use the “down” command. After your dog lies down, kneel in front of your dog. Then, hold a treat next to his or her head – near the nose.

You’ll then try to coax your dog into rolling onto their side, using your hand as a guide. Move your hand holding the treat from beside his or her head toward the nose.

After a few tries, your dog should to the side. They’ll lay flat on their side with the head on the floor. Each time you get your dog to follow your command, they should get a small treat.

Next, grab another treat and again use it as a guide. Hold the treat near the shoulder and then move it toward the hip. As your dog turns his or her head to look at the treat, they will naturally roll onto their back.

Continue the movement until your dog has rolled on their other side. When they successfully complete the entire motion, say “roll over” and feed another treat.

As you practice, you’ll won’t have to use the hand motion. You won’t need to guide your dog with the treat. Keep working at it and your pet will be able to perform the trick with just a verbal command.

Why Does My Dog Roll Over on His Back?

Teaching a dog to roll over isn’t too complicated, especially if compared to other cool dog tricks. Though, this depends on the breed of dog, their obedience, age, and other factors.

This trick is relatively easy due to the fact that it’s a natural position for your dog. As with sit and down, you are simply telling your dog to assume a position.

So, what does it mean when you see a dog rolling on its back?

How Do You Teach a Dog to Roll Over?

There’s actually a few uses for this behavior. Studies have found that it likely has nothing to do with aggression or submission. Though, dogs may roll over during play combat, for a tactical advantage.

Along with rolling over during play, they may also roll over to indicate they want attention or out of fear.

If they’re rolling over due to fear, then they most likely don’t want to be touched. But, if they roll over and wag their trail, they’re probably telling you to rub their belly.

Other Cool Tricks to Teach Your Dog

As mentioned, teaching a dog to roll over is just one trick. Beyond the basic commands, there are dozens of tricks to consider teaching your dog. But, it’s best to start slowly – beginning with “Bang” and “Beg”.

To teach your dog the “bang” trick, you must first teach your dog how to roll over. Once they’ve mastered this trick, have your dog “roll over” and then “stay” when they are on their back – instead of rolling all the way to the other side.

Each time they follow your command and stay on their back, say “bang” and point your finger like a pistol. Then feed a treat.

Once you think that your dog has the hang of this first part, try the same process, from a sitting position and then from a standing position.

Eventually, your dog will be able to roll over and play dead whenever you say “bang”.

Next, teach your dog to beg. This is another simple cool trick to teach your dog. You simply command your pet to “sit” and then hold the treat in front of their nose. Raise it above their head, so that they lift their front legs off the ground to get higher.

Have your dog hold the position for a couple of seconds before you give them the treat. If they lean in for the treat before you give it to them, then lower the treat and repeat. It’s that simple. With repetition, they’ll be able to beg on command.

Teaching a dog to roll over and perform other tricks will take regular practice. Though, you don’t want to overdo it.

If your dog stops paying attention to your commands or starts to get distracted frequently, it’s time to take a break.

In fact, a new study suggests that your dog can learn tricks faster with less training.

Researchers looked at two groups of dogs. One group trained 5 days per week, while the other group trained once per week. Each training session consisted of 15 repetitions – or commands.

At the end of the trial, the dogs that trained once per week learned the trick after 6.6 sessions and the other group took an average 9 sessions.

So, spacing out the training instead of doing it each day could help your dog learn quicker.

Every dog owner should invest a little time in training their pet. It’s great for both you and your dog. You get to enjoy the benefits of having a more obedient pet, while your dog gets regular stimulation. Everyone wins.

As you teach more tricks, you may also find that your pet responds to new commands easily. They get to exercise their brain.

So, if you ‘re looking for a productive way to give more attention to your dog – teach commands. Start teaching your dog to roll over and do other cool tricks.

How Do You Teach a Dog to Roll Over and Other Cool Dog Tricks?
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