How to Make Your Dog Love You as Much as You Love Your Dog

How to Make Your Dog Love You

Do you love your dog? Are you worried about whether they love you? It’s perfectly natural to question the closeness of the bond that you have with your pet.

There are two sides to this. You’ll likely want to know if your dog loves you and if your dog knows that you love him. Luckily, dogs are easy creatures to understand. They’re almost as easy to read as people.

So, can dogs love their owners and understand that their owners love them? Find out.

Learn the answers to these questions and how to make your dog love you.

Does My Dog Love Me?

When it comes to dogs and affection, the first question is always, “does my dog love me?”

Yes, they do. This has been known since 1998. Dogs become incredibly attached to their owners. In fact, dogs show the same behavior that infants exhibit toward their mothers.

Both dogs and infants seek the security of the person that they know best. They are also more confident when this person is around.

Dogs are also keenly aware of your emotions and mood. Studies show that they adjust their behavior based on your emotions. That’s why they seem to be more energetic and playful when you’re happy or sad.

All of these little details go to show that dogs really do love their owners. But, does your dog know that you love him? Do they understand affection?

How to Make Your Dog Love You

Does My Dog Know I Love Him When I Kiss Him?

When you kiss your dog, they know that you’re showing affection. They understand the gesture in that sense. As mentioned, dogs are good at picking up on emotions.

So, when you’re being affectionate and showering your dog with love and attention, they know what’s going on.

Though, it should be mentioned that hugging is not quite the same. Some dog breeds don’t enjoy being suffocated with a large hug. To the dog, this is an aggressive move. If they remain in your embrace, they could just be submitting.

With that being said, every dog is different. Some dogs do seem to enjoy being hugged and cuddled. The best way to tell if your dog likes being hugged is to pay attention to their body language. If they tense up, they are probably scared or annoyed. If they remain relaxed, they may not mind the hugs.

How Do Dogs Show Affection?

Now that we’ve covered the ways that people show affection to your dog – how do dogs show affection? Generally, they like to lick. Though, this is done for more than just affection.

When a dog licks a person or another dog, it releases endorphins that elevate their mood. This is similar to what happens when we spend time with our dogs or enjoying a fun activity. When these hormones are released, everyone is happy.

So, licking can be a sign of affection, but it’s also a natural behavior used for improving their mood.

Along with licking, there other ways to tell if a dog is showing affection:

  • They smile
  • They cuddle
  • They wag their tails

A wagging tail is almost always a sign of a happy dog. They also like to get real close to their owners. They may cuddle or try to sit as close as they can next to your side. These are all examples of how your dog shows affection.

How to Make Your Dog Love You

They also smile. Now, a lot of people believe that when a dog curls his lips and shows his teeth in the form of a smile, he’s really hot or exhausted. Though, there are actually plenty of researchers that believe they are really smiling.

The belief is that dogs are either mimicking human behavior when they smile or they are doing it because they think they’ll be rewarded. So, if they aren’t hot and they haven’t been running around, the smile indicates they’re happy to see you.

How to Tell if Your Dog Loves You

There’s a good chance that your dog already loves you. Within a few days of picking up your new pup, they should start to latch onto you. It doesn’t take long for you to become the main person in their life.

Consider the signs of affection that we’ve already covered. Dogs will lick, they will come running when you call their name, and they are happy when you make eye contact.

Basically, if your dog seems to be excited to see you when you get home – they love you. That’s how to tell if your dog loves you. Dogs are not difficult to understand if you pay attention to their body language – especially their tail.

Dogs typically wag their tail when they’re happy or excited. The tail goes down when they’re scared or submissive. It goes straight up when they are being aggressive.

If you want a detailed look at dogs and their body language, watch this video. Learn how to read your dog’s behavior better:

How to Bond with Your Dog

So, now you know the answers to whether your dog can show and receive love. How do you get your dog to bond with you?

The best way to bond with your dog is to play with them regularly and spend some of your time training them. Some people feel that simply being around your dog should be enough to bond, but dogs do crave attention and acceptance.

If you really want to know how to make your dog love you, play with them more and teach them some tricks. A dog is typically happiest when they’re being rewarded for something that they did correctly.

You should start training your dog with house breaking. Once you teach your dog to go to the bathroom outdoors, you should begin teaching him the basic dog commands – sit, stay, down, come, and leave it.

If you can master these 5 dog commands, you’ll be prepared to teach your dog more tricks in the future. It’s a great way to bond with your dog and helps improve communication between you and your pet.

In the end, if you want to know how to make your dog love you – spend more time with your dog. Play with them, teach them new tricks and show them affection. If you love your dog, your dog will surely love you back.

How to Make Your Dog Love You as Much as You Love Your Dog
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